3 Garage Roof Styles

Most of the attached garage roofs would often share the roof of the home. Same is not the case when it comes to detached garages. In detached garages, you have to look at not just the visual appearance of the roof but also the utility of the roof and thereafter choose the correct garage roof. We would today share with you 3 different types of garage roofs which you can opt for.

garage roof storage

1. Gable

The gable roof is recognized pretty easily due to the triangle shape of the roof. It is pretty common in standalone garages. Also, it is recognizable by its sloping pitch as well. The normal slope rise is of 4 inches for everyone 1 foot which it most towards the center. You can change the pitch however; this is the most common elevation which is used by the roofing companies. The advantage of the gable roof is that it can easily provide you storage space inside the triangle shaped roof slope

2. Hip

The hip roof is one in which the triangular ends of the roof are folded back towards the center of the building. The advantage of this type of roof is that the roofline completely diminishes which makes it distinct rather than competing with the roof of the home. The normal slope is 6 inches for lift for every 1 feet of movement towards the center of the roof. This roof is much more affordable as compared to the predecessor since it does not require any extension wall at the end of the building. They are also more aerodynamic which ensures that it can easily tackle high winds.

3. Gambrel

This type of roof is similar to the classic roof of the barn and has slopes on both the sides as well. The slope is such that it provides enough space for creating an office or a small room. Also, the roof is normally pretty tall at the Centre which ensures that inside the property, you would be able to get plenty of space to store vehicles as well as boats. Due to this very reason, it is one of the best options when you’re looking for detached garage roofs.

Thus, if you’re confused about which Chicago garage style you should choose for your garage, these are the 3 options which you should look into. You need to also look at the size of the garage and the weather which you have all the year around and thereafter choose the roofing type. The cost of these roofs is also different which makes it necessary for you to take your budget into account and thereafter choose the roof type for your garage.