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Going through the buying process, we noticed there are a lot of lies and misconceptions about garages. Thankfully, being handy people, we knew what to believe and what was just a sales tactic, but it got us thinking, “How many people get fooled by these crooked companies each day?”

We can’t have that happening! Enough with the lies! Catching Photons was born from that thought. We’re looking to help as many homeowners as possible learn as much as they can about garages before building a new one for their home.

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All About The Different Garage Roof Types

When you pull up into your garage, your garage roof is the last thing on your mind. You are just grateful to be home and grateful for the functionality of the place you call your garage.

garage roof types

Today, we turn your focus upwards by tackling everything you need to know about the different garage roof types as you look to do general maintenance work or break new ground and construct a new house.

Hip Garage Roof

Described by many as the perfect roof for a detached garage, the hip roof is defined by its unique slopes on four sides of equal length with a ridge formed at the top.

For your garage, a hip roof provides optimum protection against the harsh elements of water and is incredibly durable. However it’s execution might set you back a little in your budget and you need a tested and trusted contractor to bring complex designs to life.

Gambrel Garage Roof

The Gambrel roof is often compared to the stylish Mansard roof but unlike the former the Gambrel has two sides instead of four.

The Gambrel roof is favoured for its simplicity and utility,  this is why the roof also known as the ‘barn roof’ is the go to roof for barns, farm houses,  log cabins and you guessed right; garages!

However, it has its downsides too.  It cannot withstand much pressure and will show signs of deterioration when faced with constant snow or rainfall.

If you want to go ahead, you have to prepare your mind and your budget to spend more on maintenance and ensuring proper drainage.

Gable Roof

Famed for its triangular shape, the gable also popularly known as a piked or peaked roof provides an upward elevation that is both simple and pleasing to the eye.

Beyond aesthetics, choosing a gable garage roof helps you to combat weather concerns effectively with the intricate design helping water and snow run off easily.

The simplicity of the gable roof also impacts on the cost effectiveness as it is cheaper to build and maintain. However as simple as it is, if not properly executed, it may be susceptible to winds and structural damage.

Combination Garage Roof

If you are awfully big on aesthetics you can toss the script out of the window and create your own style.  You can throw the hip roof, gable roof and gambrel roof into the mix for a design that suits your taste.  Be also prepared for your jaw dropping combination garage roof to cost you.

If you think your garage roof is just a covering, think again. It is your avenue to create space and protect your goods from the harsh elements of the weather.